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Kemaskini Pada: 18 Nov 2018
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Cops warn against spreading ‘fake’ child abduction claim on social media
Tarikh : 07 Aug 2018

SERIAN: The police here are reminding social media users not to cause unnecessary panic through the spread of false news on alleged child abduction and organ harvest.

District police chief DSP Aswandy Anis said police are viewing seriously the irresponsible sharing of the false news, which has been making its rounds recently on Facebook and WhatsApp.

“We have already detained a 20-year-old Facebook user who posted the fake news of child abduction and organ harvest activities taking place here.

“When questioned, he admitted his post was a ‘copy paste’ (forwarded) from a relative and that he had no idea whether the content was true or false,” he said in a statement yesterday.

He said members of the public should be more mindful of what they post or share on social media or other platforms as it could cause undue panic.

“Do not fall victim to fake news.

“Seek confirmation whether something is true or false before sharing it with others or posting it on Facebook,” he said.